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Evandale is a Hard Rock band based out of Omaha, Nebraska.

"...if Lynyrd Skynyrd decided to go hardcore, they would have sounded a bit like Evandale. That's the best part about them. They've managed to take that good old southern rock and give it a solid edge."


- Focus Omaha -

Evandale is a no nonsense hard rock band out of Omaha, Nebraska. Evandale takes pride in bringing a no gimmick flavor of rock 'n roll reminiscent of rocks golden era with a modern twist. Big vocals, catchy hooks, loud guitars, and sweet harmonies are the recipe here.

"...Evandale haven't been together long, but they were already nominated for an Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award."


- Tara Spencer, Omaha Magazine -

It only took Evandale one practice together to realize they had something special. Within the first few years of being a band they were opening up and holding their own with Wayland, Bowling for Soup, Tonic, Spin Doctors, Holy White Hounds, Them Evils, and Pop Evil.

In January 2019, Evandale won their first award - Omaha Entertainment and Arts Award for Best New Artist. 

"It's certain this band's future is promising, and I cannot wait until they are headlining their own tour."


- Robert Chadwick, -

In January 2019, Evandale released their debut self-titled EP. They began booking more shows, opening for national touring acts, and growing their exposure.


In early 2020, the COVID-19 crisis impacted the music and entertainment industry in unprecendted ways. Evandale took this as an opportunity to write more songs and thus created their first full-length album 'All Or Nothing'.

They released a music video for 'Coming Back' as their second single off the album in July 2021. It has gotten over 8,000 views to-date.

'All Or Nothing' was released on August 7, 2021.

Evandale is motivated to keep booking shows with national touring acts all over the Midwest. They look forward to continuing to grow their fan base and spreading their music to the masses!


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